Resources for Indian Valley

As of 7/29/2021:

This is a partial list of people/resources you may contact for help.

Animal Relief and/or Garden Care:

  • Alicia Dalton – please text her (this helps her keep her “clients” organized 530-394-7443
  • Wayne Kelley 530-816-9157
  • Taylor Storey 530-616-0340
  • Jose Garcia 530-636-3067
  • Kimberly Price 530-566-5591
  • Adam Wangsgard

Brush Removal/Stuff Hauling

  • Adam Wangsgard 530-927-8061

Food (for Humans)

  • Leila Jean Levi (fresh garden greens, please text) 310-963-6972
  • Taylor Storey 530-616-0340
  • Jessie from Quincy will send produce from her farm tomorrow, stay posted for distribution site

Mental Stress relief